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Converse Bank Announces Issuance of Corporate Bonds


5 May 2017 - Converse Bank CJSC announces today its first tranche of corporate bonds issuance. The bonds will be listed on NADAQ OMX Armenia OJSC stock exchange and will be traded on the secondary market.

Converse Bank CJSC prospectus was registered based on the RA Central Bank Chairman’s Resolution #1/297A on April 25, 2017.

The total value of the issue will include AMD 1 billion and USD 10 million. The total value of the first tranche is USD 6 million. The face value of each bond is USD 100, the maturity period is 24 months with semiannual coupon payment frequency. The coupon rate is 5.75% per annum. The minimum number of bonds to be acquired is 30 units.

Capital Investments CJSC will be the intermediary registrar and the market maker for the bonds.

With this issuance, Converse Bank will diversify its liabilities portfolio and will direct the attracted funds to the financing of different investment project in different sectors of the economy.

The shareholders of the Bank are Advanced Global Investments LLC (80.94%), Haypost Trust Management B.V. (14.06%) and the Armenian Apostolic Church (5%).

The bank offers the whole range of banking services, among others, lending, deposits, debit and credit cards, investment and custodian services, remote banking and online payments.

As of 31.03.2017, bank’s assets made up AMD 203,281,106 thousand, the liabilities AMD 170,223,811 thousand and the total capital made up AMD 33,057,295 thousand.

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