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Converse Bank Chess Conversation


Converse Bank continues its series of “Converse-ations”.

The latest Chess Converse-ation was held on March 10 at TUMO Center for Creative Technologies.

Following the theme of “Converse-ation”, TUMO students participated in a simultaneous multi-board chess exhibition. Students from TUMO Center’s Dilijan Branch (via online access), and chess enthusiasts among Converse Bank’s customers (who registered on the Bank’s Facebook page) also participated in the event.

Participants of the Chess Converse-ation had the unique opportunity to meet and compete with world-known grand masters Vladimir Akopian, Gabriel Sargissian and Ashot Nadanian. Three young chess players succeeded to play to draws after two hours of intense struggle.

At the end of the exhibition the grand masters answered the participants’ questions. “I take on great responsibility especially when playing with young chess players, since I see a future champion in each of them,” – Vladimir Hakobyan responded to one participant’s question.

Via various thematic “Converse-ations”, Converse Bank seeks innovative and interesting ways of interacting with our customers beyond providing quality financial services.

Converse Bank chose TUMO as the location for the event because we believe in encouraging creative and progressive initiatives. TUMO affords exceptional opportunity for young people to discover the world of innovative technologies, where they can obtain knowledge and develop skills in four perspective areas – animation, game design, web development and digital media. TUMO is the initiative of Simonian Educational Foundation. The education is free for all teenagers, ages 12 to 16, who are interested in modern digital technologies. Since we are interested in promoting youth development, Converse Bank intends to turn the Chess Converse-ation accessible to all advanced Armenian young people who’d like to take part in similar events (and of course to our chess enthusiast customers!).

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