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Converse Bank finalized the results of Women Festivities campaign


Converse Bank and finalized the results of jointly organized "Woman of Future" essay competition.

By the terms of the competition, the users of had to write an essay on topic of "Woman of Future." The jury consisting of Mediamax and Converse Bank representatives summarized the results and selected 3 winners out of 40 participants.

Satine Smbatyan was announced the winner of the competition and was presented a Woman's Card by Converse Bank with AMD 50,000 on balance. The second winner was Eleonora Begoyan, who was awarded a Woman's card with AMD 30,000 on balance. The third prize was awarded to Hasmik Tarzyan, who was presented a Converse Bank Woman's Card with AMD 20,000 on balance.

The Converse Bank had other surprises for women for the 1-month festivities. 15 cardholders of Woman's Card having been most active in non-cash transactions from December 2011 through April 2012 were awarded Gift Cards to the amount of AMD 20,000 - 50,000 by Converse Bank.

And all those who have not acquired the Converse Bank Woman's Card, still have the opportunity to obtain the card until April 30 at AMD 0 service fee.

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