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In 2006 "Converse Bank" expanded the general stock by 6,5% and brought it to $26.4 million


As "Converse Bank" notified ArmInfo, the Bank’s authorized capital stock did not undergo any changes by the said date, and is fixed at the 1.296 dram ($3.6 million) level. The Bank’s net income, according to the results of 2006, amounts to 1.412 billion drams or $3.9 million.

According to "Converse Bank" financial reports, the Bank’s assets decreased by the year stretch by almost 15% and by January 1, 2007 amounted to 35.542 billion drams ($97.8 million), which fact was chiefly conditioned by a decrease in the volume of the resources issued. In connection with the decrease of the involved resource volume by the year stretch, the Bank’s liabilities decreased by almost 21% and by January 1, 2007 amounted to 25.962 billion drams ($71.4 million).

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