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Healthy way of living

“Healthy way of living” credit card with non-restorable limit with “Gold’s Gym” sports complex  

Type of card ARCA CLASSIC
Currency AMD

Credit limit

100 000 - 1 000 000 AMD /depending on the cost of the service package /
Card account service fee /one-off/ 3000 AMD
Repayment period of the credit limit up to 12 months
Interest rate /annual/ 21 %
Maximum limit of the credit line Up to four-fold of the net salary, but if the client has an active credit card at Converse Bank CJSC /overdraft, credit card with non-restorable limit /, then the maximum total limit cannot be above seven-fold of the net salary
Procedure of repayment and calculation of interest
  • Repayment begins one month after the term of usage, with annuity method /equal instalments/
  • Interest is accrued to the balance
  1. The limit can be used within one month after the date of provision of the card
  2. In case of a salary package, the adult person/persons included in the package should be the guarantor/guarantors
  3. during the last 12 months the client should not have liabilities overdue for 30 and more days and/or classified liabilities at the time of loan disbursement
Other conditions According to the conditions of provision of “Healthy way of living” card type

 List of required documents

  • Application
  • Personal identification document
  • Public services number (PSN) or a reference on absence of a PSN
  • Reference from the place of employment printed on the employer’s letterhead, specifying the position held, length of service, and size of the net salary or other documents evidencing income. The salary reference shall be dated not more than 15 calendar days before the date of submission
  • A reference from “Gold’s Gym R” LLC, specifying the size of the necessary payment /cost of the services’ package/
  • Other documents, if required

*Within the scopes of salary projects, cardholders don’t have to submit a reference on salary, if at least during the last three months their salary was transferred to their card account held with the Bank.