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Deposit with the right of reduction

Converse Bank offers a new deposit - "Deposit with the right of reduction"

Terms and conditions of deposit with the right of reduction:

Deposit currency AMD or USD or Euro
Deposit type Without right of replenishment
Minimum amount of the deposit AMD 500,000 or USD 1,000 or Euro 1,000
Maximum amount of the deposit AMD 50 mln. or USD 100,000 or Euro 100,000
Deposit maturity (including the period of allocation) 2 - 5 years
Frequency of payments in the period of allocation /chosen by the client/


1. Regular /monthly, quarterly, semiannual/*
2. Mixed, but not more than 40% of the deposit amount
Allocation of the deposit amount, starting from: 13th month


Annual interest rate /for the whole maturity of the deposit/


  2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years
AMD CBFR-0.75% CBFR-0.5% CBFR-0.25% CBFR
USD CBFR-2.0% CBFR-1.5% CBFR-1.0% CBFR-0.5%
Euro CBFR-2.0% CBFR-1.75% CBFR-1.5% CBFR-1.25%
Payment of interest to the client At the end of the period, but
once a year the calculated interest is accrued to the balance
Of the deposit
Payment to the client At the end of each regular period of allocation  

* Payment is made mandatorily in cash or non-cash manner.  

"Converse Bank" Flexible rate /CBFR/