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Deposit "Karas"

General Overview

Currency: AMD, USD
Period: 1-5 years
Interest Rate:
AMD 9.25%-11.5%
USD 4.25%-6.5%

Deposit Terms

You are entitled to:

  • add any amount to your deposit account
  • no limits are specified for frequency of depositing new funds
  • at the moment of new deposits the calculation of interests is for the total sum
  • payment of interest against deposits is made at the end of the due date.
Minimum amount 10 000 AMD, 100 USD
Initial maximum amount 50 mln AMD, 100 000 USD
Maximum deposit amount (sum of initial amount and replanishments) 100 mln AMD, 200 000 USD
Deposit Period 1-5 years

Interest Rate
  1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years
AMD 9.25%





USD 4.25% CBFR1-1.75% CBFR1-1.25% CBFR1-0.75%  CBFR1-0.25%
 Payment of interest rate       At maturity. Interests, calculated once a year, are accrued on deposit balance.

 1CBFR - Flexible Rate of "Converse Bank"

 Now you can open Karas Deposit via AS Internet-Bank. Follow the guidelines here.