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Bridge Online Loan

Bridge Online Loan for SME Financing

The loan is provided by "Converse Bank" CJSC (hereinafter Bank) to RA resident legal entities and sole proprietors (hereinafter referred to as Customer) on the following terms:


5 - 200 million AMD or equivalent foreign currency

Annual interest rates by currencies and terms

Currency / Term

1 - 3 months

4 - 6 months

7 - 9 months

10 - 12 months






US dollars










Fee for loan application review


One-time fee for loan disbursement

0.25% of the loan amount

0.5% of loan amount

The borrower is given the opportunity to repay the loan within the above-mentioned terms, according to the repayment schedule, as follows:
The principal is repaid at the end of the loan term and the interest is paid on a monthly basis.


If the repayments are not made or are made in violation of the repayment schedule by the borrower, the following conditions are set for the loan repayment based on annuity (equal monthly repayment) schedule:

Annual nominal interest rates in case of extension

Currency / Term

1 - 12 months

13 - 36 months

37 - 60 months

61 - 72 months


(CBFR * +5.9)%, but not less than 11.5%

(CBFR +6.4)%, but not less than 12%

(CBFR +6.65)%, but not less than 12.25%

(CBFR +7.4)%, but not less than 13%

US dollars

(CBFR +8.17)%, but not less than 8.5%

(CBFR +8.67)%, but not less than 9%

(CBFR +9.17)%, but not less than 9.5%

(CBFR +9.67)%, but not less than 10%


(CBFR +7.3)%, but not less than 7%

(CBFR +7.8)%, but not less than 7.5%

(CBFR +8.3)%, but not less than 8%

(CBFR +8.8)%, but not less than 8.5%

* CBFR - Converse Bank Floating Rate  It is set twice a year by the Bank on the basis of the primary indicators, and in the event of unavailability of the latter - based on secondary indicators. In case of change, the nominal interest rate of the existing contracts changes no sooner than one month after the borrower is notified.
Key indicators: In case of AMD, the yield curve of 180-day government bonds of the Republic of Armenia, published by the Central Bank of Armenia at; In the case of USD or EUR, respectively, the "6-month ICE LIBOR US Dollar" and "6-month ICE LIBOR Euro" benchmarks, published by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) at  https: // www. website:
Secondary indicators: In case of AMD, the refinancing rate set by the CBA; In the case of the US dollar, the Federal Reserve Bank interest rate on the Federal Funds or the upper limit of the range; In the case of the euro, the European Central Bank's marginal lending facility rate.
Moreover, in case of inaccessibility of the main indicators and the use of secondary indicators , the nominal interest rates on CBFR financing established based on the secondary indicators shall be set so that the nominal interest rate remains unchanged under the change in the fixed component of the financing interest rate.
The specified CBFR rates are published on the Bank's official website at and are available on the Bank's premises.
The calculated nominal interest rate is rounded up to one hundredth.
The Bank may change the floating rate of this loan no more than twice a year.
CBFR values as of the date of Termsheet update - 24.08.2021 -  AMD - 7.73%, USD - 0.33%, Euro  -0.3%.

  General terms and conditions

 List of payments made by the Borrower:

Assessment of collateral

In case of real estate - AMD 18,000 - 360,000 AMD

In case of movable property - 10,000 - 50,000 AMD

Single reference

In case of real estate - 10,000 AMD

In case of movable property - 0

Notary validation

20,000 AMD

Registration of the right to pledge

In case of real estate - 27,000 AMD

In case of movable property - 2,000 AMD

Pledged property insurance

- Real Estate: 0.12 - 0.16 (on request)

- Cars (Casco) - 2.5% (used as a taxi - 6%)

- Special purpose movable property according to insurance company quotation

Fines and penalties

Following fines and penalties may be applied by the Bank
1. In case of overdue loan and / or overdue interest, 0.13% of overdue amount for each day of delay.
Repayments of overdue liabilities are repaid in the following order: fine/penalty, interest, principal amount.
2. In case of violation of any of the conditions for loan disbursement, increase the effective interest rate of the loan by 4 percentage points.
3. When early repayment of the loan is made prior to the mid-validity period, a penalty of 5% is imposed on the early repaid amount.

Collateral security

Movable and immovable property, pledging of tangible and intangible property not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, and if necessary, a guarantee.

Loan/collateral ratio

Up to 70% of the estimated realisable value of the collateral depending on the type of pledged property.
In case of gold items used as collateral, financing is provided in the amount of up to 100% of the appraised value.
In the case of a start-up business, a real estate mortgage is considered as a collateral, whereby the loan amount cannot exceed 50% of the realisable value of the pledged property.

Requirements to the Guarantor

• Must have a stable proven income or ownership/co-ownership for immovable and/or movable property,
• At the time of loan disbursement may have a maximum of 3 current guarantees against liabilities of other persons whose liabilities are not overdue;
• should not have problem loans at the time of loan disbursement, nor overdue liabilities of 30 days or more during the last 12 months;

Explanatory information on the guarantee

If the borrower fails to fulfill his/her obligations, the guarantor will pay on behalf of the borrower, the guarantor's credit history will deteriorate as well, and the guarantor may be deprived of his/her property.

Converse Bank:
• Will provide the guarantor with an example of loan and guarantee agreements and a repayment schedule,
• The communication will be carried out in the manner chosen by the guarantor,
• notify at least 7 days in advance of the change in the terms of the contract,
• Will send reminder of existing obligation 1 day in advance
• In case of delayed repayment of the loan, will notify the guarantor not later than within the following day.

The guarantor has the right to:

• At any time request the Bank for information on the size of the loan balance,
• get a refund of loan-related payments made, as well as of other losses incurred on behalf of the borrower.

Example of calculating interest rates
In case of loan with the following terms and conditions:

Loan amount:

AMD 10,000,000

Nominal interest rate


Repayment period

12 months

Repayment type

The interest  - monthly, the principal - at the end of the term

Interest amounts structure

Monthly repayment (interest only)

From AMD 84,384 to AMD 93,425, depending on the number of days in the month

Total interest

AMD 1,100,000

Total sum of repayments

AMD 11,100,000

Loan interest is calculated based on the nominal interest rate applied to the deductible balance, and the actual annual interest rate shows how much the loan will cost you when you make timely interest payments and all the related mandatory fees and payments related to loan disbursement.
The procedure for calculating the annual actual interest rate can be found at the following address:

Valuation of collateral
The pledged real estate and movable property is subject to appraisal by one of the evaluation companies cooperating with the Bank. The valuation company is selected by the Customer. The evaluation report is usually valid within 2 (two) months from the date of the report. An additional revaluation may be required if necessary (e.g. price changes).
In case of gold pledge the valuation is performed by a Bank employee.
In case of purchase of vehicles, construction and agricultural equipment and other equipment from the primary market, the amount specified in the purchase contract or invoice may be taken as a basis for the estimated market value.

 List of valuation companies

Valuation Company


Phone number

" VM - RP " LLC

c . Yerevan , Vardanants Alley , 8/3 Building , Room 209

(010) 588 797, (043) 588 797

"Amintas Group" LLC

c. Yerevan, Artsakh ave., 23/6, " Tun Depo " complex

(010) 432 276, (094) 432 276, (096) 432 276

"RVM Consult" LLC

c. Yerevan, Nalbandyan str., 48/1 building, 2nd floor

(010) 546 490, (098) 944 449, (077) 944 449, (093) 944 449

"Oliver Group" LLC

c. Yerevan, Tumanyan St., 8 building, room 215-216

(010) 542 740, (010) 542 760, (077) 055 091, (077) 542 750, (055) 542 750, (091) 542 750

"Bulidup" LLC

c . Yerevan, Zakyan St. , 5 Building , No. 1 office

(010) 547 160, (091) 177 300

"Orran" LLC

c. Yerevan, Arshakunyats ave., bld. 4, 5th floor

(010) 520 452, (098) 204 898, (091) 750 809, (095) 750 809

"Ofman Mortgage Consulting" LLC

c. Yerevan, 42-37 Koghbatsi str.

(010) 537 179, (043) 537 179

"Finlaw" LLC

c. Yerevan, Nalbandyan str., 50-3

(060) 506 000, (091) 911 155

Pledged property insurance

The Bank may require collateral insurance based on the purpose of the financing, the transaction or the description of the pledged property.
Casco insurance is applied in case of pledge of motor vehicles.
Insurance is carried out at the estimated market value for the entire financing period (unless otherwise provided by the Bank decision) by the insurance company cooperating with the Bank.

List of insurance companies

Insurance Company


Phone number

"Ingo Armenia" ICJSC

c . Yerevan , Hanrapetutyan St. , 51, 53, Areas 47, 48, 50

(010) 592 121


c . Yerevan , Komitas Ave. , 62 Building

(060) 275 757, (098) 560 797

Rosgosstrakh-Armenia CJSC

c . Yerevan , Northern Avenue 1

(010) 591 010 

"Nairi Insurance" LTD

RA, 0033, c. Yerevan, Avet Avetisyan 116/1 and 116/5 areas

(060) 500 060, (010) 543 594

Communication with the Bank

You have the right to communicate with Converse Bank CJSC in any format at your discretion - by postal mail or by electronic communication methods. It is most convenient to receive information electronically, as it is available 24/7, free from the risk of loss of paper-based information and ensures confidentiality.

Provision of statements, references and other information (including VAT)

• Provision of single statement (regardless of periodicity): 0,
• For a duplicate 1
- Dated back up to 1 month - AMD 1,800
- Dated back from 2 months up to 1 year - AMD 3,000
- Dated back from 1 year up to 3 years - AMD 12,000
- Dated back to 3 years and more (in case it is available in the bank ) - AMD 24,000
• Statement1 for submitting to different institutions
- In case of accounts opened within a month 2 AMD 5,000
- In case of accounts opened earlier - AMD 3,000
• References / Letters
 On transactions made
- For transactions dated back up to one month - AMD 3,000
- For transactions dated back more than one month - AMD 5,000
 Notice of agreement on consecutive pledge/alienation of property pledged in the Bank - AMD 6,000 for each pledged property
• Transaction support documents and copies of other documents (for each document)
- Dated back up to 1 month - AMD 1,800
- Dated back up to 1 year - AMD 3,000
- Dated back more than one year - AMD 12,000

Tariffs for other services (including VAT)

• Mail delivery of statements or other documents
 - Within Armenia and Artsakh- AMD 500
 International
- Tariff set by the shipping service provider, if established by law and contract.
- In other cases, the fee set by the shipment service provider + AMD 1,500
• Delivery of references or other documents via Ordered mail shipping
- Within Armenia and Artsakh- AMD 3,000
- International - fee set by the shipment service provider + AMD 3,000
• Provision of Bank consent for registration of individuals at the address of pledged real estate (regardless of number of registered persons) - AMD 3,000
• Granting consent for modification of documents on real estate property pledged with the Bank3: 0.5%, minimum AMD 12,000 , maximum AMD 60,000
• Granting consent for the lease of pledged real estate property- AMD 12,000
• Grant of consent to change the registration plates of the pledged car - AMD12,000
• Granting consent for the lease of pledged vehicle - AMD 8,000
• Partial release of pledged property based on the application of the pledgor or the borrower (except for the pledge of cash as well as unallocated metal accounts) - AMD 20,000 (per property)
• Loan terms revision4 - 0.5%, minimum AMD 6,000

1 In case of simultaneous provision of a statement and reference to the same Customer and charge envisaged for the reference, the charge will be collected for reference only.
2 In case of more than one active account, the opening date of account which has been opened earlier is taken into consideration irrespective of whether or not included in the statement.
3 The tariff shall be calculated on the basis of the estimated initial value of the collateral.
4 The tariff is calculated based on the amount of loan provided. The tariffs are set at the time of submission of the application by the customer for revision of the loan terms.

List of required documents

• Loan Application Form
• ACRA inquiry, guarantee consents
• Identification document of applicant individual entrepreneur, executive body of legal entity, authorized person, participant, real beneficiary, pledgor, guarantor (for a legal entity - founding documents), Public Service number or statement on not obtaining PSN (not required if identity card is submitted)
• Charter, state registration certificate with all inserts, and Taxpayer Identification Number
• In case of a joint stock company, a statement from the depositary on the shareholders
• Document certifying ownership title for the property offered for pledge, the basis for the acquisition and the identity document of the owner
• Тax reports for the past one year
• Statement on tax liabilities
• Ownership Certificate or Lease Contract for the place of operation, or other evidence of entitlement to the customer's place of business (e.g., statement from the village administration)
• Initial and basic collateral valuation (revaluation) report (after loan approval) report or a basis for determining the value of the proposed collateral
• Extract from the resolution protocol of general meeting or sole participant on acquiring funding, pledging of property, provision of guarantee
• Collateral insurance certificates (for insurance claim - after loan approval)
• Statement on limitations (after loan approval)
• Other documents as needed


Due to the change in the foreign exchange rate, the actual annual interest rate and the amount of loan repayments may change.

If you fail to fulfill or incompletely fulfill your obligation,  within three business days this information will be provided to the credit bureau  where your credit history is formed. Having a bad credit history can negatively affect your creditworthiness in the future. You have the right to receive your credit history report for free once a year from the credit bureau.

Your property may be confiscated by law if you fail to make your interest and loan repayments on time.

In case of insufficient funds to repay your credit liabilities, they may be repaid at the expense of your other property and/or that of the guarantor, as prescribed by the RA legislation.

In accordance with the RA Law on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, on the basis of the Know Your Customer Principle, the Bank may require the Customer to provide additional documents or other information, as well as ask questions during verbal communication, for the purpose of conducting due diligence of the Customer.  

The Bank may collect additional information in accordance with the terms of an agreement with the US Government under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) to determine your eligibility for being a US taxpayer.

The Bank is entitled to modify and supplement the tariffs for additional services provided by notifying the Customers in accordance with the contract, by posting a relevant message on its own website (, by posting announcements on the Bank's premises, by sending a notification by post, and by any other methods  proposed by the Bank selected at the Customer's preference, which is considered a due notification of the Customer.

If the requested credit facilities are provided also or exclusively for the purpose of refinancing your other credit liabilities with other entities (banks, credit organizations, etc.), we hereby warn you that you are required to repay outstanding interest, penalties, servicing, and other payments to those entities after refinancing, and the Bank shall not be liable for any failure from your side to perform these obligations.

  Factors for positive or negative decision on providing the loan

The Bank is inclined to provide the loan if:

• The applicant complies with the terms and limiting conditions of the loan,
• At the request of the bank, the applicant secures its credit liabilities with collateral and/or guarantee.
• The applicant is recognized as creditworthy as a result of the assessment,
• The documents submitted by the applicant are reliable and include all necessary information;
• The applicant's credit history is either positive or missing.

Failure to comply with any of the above conditions, as well as other requirements of the Bank's internal regulations, may result in refusal to provide the loan.

Venue for loan formalities and method of disbursement

Loan is provided at Head Office and Branches
In case of purchase, the loan amount is transferred directly to the developer's account. In case of renovation, the loan amount is disbursed to the borrower by way of depositing it to the borrower's bank account.

Procedure for resolving disputes

Any disputes and disagreements between the Customer and the Bank shall be resolved first by mutual negotiation, and should the agreement not be reached by such methods, the disputes and disagreements shall be resolved in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the RA legislation both per court procedure, and through financial system obmudsman.

Notice on Financial System Mediator

Please be informed that according to the RA Law on Financial System Mediator, in case of property claims arising out of services rendered to you by Converse Bank CJSC, disputes and disagreements for not exceeding million AMD or equivalent foreign currency may be resolved through the Financial System Mediator.
According to an agreement between the Bank and the Office of the Financial System Mediator, the Bank waives the right to challenge the Financial System Mediator's decisions only in relation to property claims not exceeding 250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand) AMD or equivalent currency, and on transaction amounts not exceeding 500,000 (five hundred thousand) AMD or equivalent foreign currency.
Address: 0010 Yerevan, Khorenatsi str. 15,
"Elite Plaza" business center, 7th floor
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (+37460) 70-11-11
Fax: (+37410) 58-24-21:

Contact with the Bank
For more details and more information you can:
visit the Bank's website at
visit the Bank's Customer Service at the Head Office or any branch
Call: 374 10 511211
Viber: 374 95 511211
Skype: conversebank-callcenter

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